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Enjoy fully the taste of Ise-Shima.

Yohei NakaYohei Naka

Naka, the Chief Chef’s Concept

“I want to provide dishes that can only be relished here, by preparing spiny lobsters, abalones and other local ingredients in an original and creative way.”
With such thoughts in mind, we hope you enjoy dining with us at “Sosaku-kaisen-ryori Kashikojima Dining”
“There are things that can only be tasted in Provence, Kashikojima, and that’s why the guests say that they’d come back again. This is the kind of cuisine I aim to create.”
Yohei Naka

Understanding the ingredients

The local dishes that have been passed down for generations are delicious.
The secret of the taste in these dishes lies in the fact that people fully understood the ingredients. The dishes that really makes the most of the ingredients are those that are good for the body and the environment.

“Kashikojima Dining”

A place where the chef understands the ingredients and seeks the “beauty of food”. That’s why there is always a new discovery and experience no matter how many times you dine here. We will keep on creating dishes that satisfies the body and mind that makes the guests smile.

Breakfast is served in a buffet style

We provide hearty home-made breakfast. With wide variety ranging from freshly squeezed smoothie to our very popular green curry.
Needless to say, our recommendation is Happy Morning Bread made from the natural bounty of the area.
Happy Morning Bread is carefully baked from delicious water and natural salt of Shima, flour produced in Mie Prefecture, and natural yeast.
The butter and dips served together with the bread also uses seaweed and local products of Shima. Six kinds of “condiments for bread,” including home-made aosa butter and Mie’s premium rapeseed oil can be savored. Savor the special bread filled with Shima’s local flavor for your breakfast.


The newly built dining has an expansive atmosphere with clear windows as high as the ceiling bringing in full sunlight. The dining space can also be used as a private space for families and groups. Satisfy your palate with Provence’s original seafood cuisine created by the head chef born in this area.