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Shinji Nishio

Starry Sky Concierge

All we have here is the sky and the nature.
Here, you can enjoy a real astronomical observation experience. There are no futuristic domes nor any room with an automated ceiling that opens to see the sky clearly. But this is the real astronomical observation. The unknown stories of the sky navigated by the concierge of the Starry Sky Terrace. Share the memories of the trip with your loved ones.

Starry sky terrace meeting the full star

The terrace adjacent to "Wine & Café Soracolor"
on the 6th floor is a stage of observing the stars.
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Photos actually taken at Provence!

Astronomical observation events are being held in Provence. Our exclusive storyteller gives an easily understandable explanation of the sky of Ise-shima. The event is recommended for everyone, even for those who are not interested in the night sky. Take advantage of the event to cherish the starry sky.
Shinji Nishio
Profile of the Starry Sky Terrace Concierge

Shinji Nishio

Shinji first took interest in astronomy when he was in his second year of elementary school reading a book on astronomy. As telescopes were very expensive and were hardly obtained at that time, he collected magnifying glasses and cheap lens at a stationery store to make his original Galilean telescope and Keplerian telescope and observed the surface of the moon, galaxies and star clusters through self-study. During his junior high and high school days, he became a leader of the astronomical club. After he started working, he has been hosting many astronomical observation events for educational organizations, kids, and for citizens.
The terrace is equipped with telescopes such as small telescopes, reflecting telescope with 40cm large automatic tracking function and other telescopes for photography. The equipment is attached to the same rack with a computerized automatic introduction and tracking function device. During the event, participants can enjoy the stories and explanations about the Solar System (moon, planets, comets, and fixed stars), extragalactic planets, constellations and myths. Photography sessions are also held where the guest’s digital cameras and SD cards used for cell phones can be used.