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Happy Morning Bread

Naming of the bread

Shima is blessed with many “happiness,” including abundant nature and delicious food.
In the hopes of making the guests happy with breakfast with a touch of Shima’s charm, the bread was named the “Happy Morning Bread.”
It is our happiness too if we can share the “happiness” with the guests through Province’s breakfast.


Using nature’s bounty of Ise-shima as ingredients

Using nature’s bounty of Ise-shima as ingredients

The ingredients are from the bounty of local nature that can only be tasted here in Shima. The ingredients we treasure are of a perfect match and combination; “water from Miyagawa,” “salt from Futami,” and the flour “Nishinokaori*”.
As such, the ingredients abundantly used in this bread have been carefully chosen from local products of Mie Prefecture.
*Generally, Hokkaido is known to be a producer of Japanese domestic flour. Though the quantity is small, Mie Prefecture is also active in growing bread flour. Mie was long considered to be an unsuitable place to produce bread flour, but the improvement of agricultural technology lead to creating “Nishinokaori,” the first variety of flour that can be created in warm climate areas.
Long-fermentation Preparation

Long-fermentation Preparation

To have a taste like freshly steamed rice, the bread is made from simple ingredients only. The ingredients are prepared to maximize the sweetness and flavor of the flour. To make the bread chewy, the proportion of ingredients were also thoroughly sought after.
Long fermentation of natural yeast was the key to draw out the ideal taste. Through the long fermentation time, the original flavor of the ingredients have been maximized.
No preservatives and artificial additives

No preservatives and artificial additives

Happy Morning Bread does not contain any preservatives and artificial additives. No eggs, dairy products, oils and fats are used.
We provide healthy bread that also satisfies guests who are highly concerned with food safety.